An ode to the every day adventurer


Back when I was 18 and had no clue.

Back when I was 18 and had no clue.

I literally just hung onto this for the picture.

I literally just hung onto this for the picture.

Pondering life in Mahoosuc Notch. 

Pondering life in Mahoosuc Notch. 

Hello, it's me. 

My name is Nolan, and I live for adventure. I live for those hard to reach mountain views and the fresh mountain water in my water bottle.

In the summer of 2016 I thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, where I was given the name Paddy O'Hulk, POH for short. This hike changed my life in the way I think about things and approach different endeavors. I would highly recommend being a "dirtbag" and hiking for a few months straight. You might learn a lot about yourself.

Upon ending the trail, I moved to Eastern Kentucky, where I started my career as an engineer. I picked up rock climbing, yoga, and ultra-running, in addition, to whitewater kayaking and backpacking, and haven't looked back.

This blog is intended for trip reports and general musings. It's more a creative space for myself to share my thoughts and pictures in a more organized way. To learn a little more about what chasing layers means to me, click here

If you want to come with me on an adventure, need help planning your next outdoor excursion or want to schedule a photo session/adventure, drop me a note, I'd love to help out and make your next trip a success or collaborate with you on a new project!    (contact info below!)

I'm also a self-proclaimed gear junkie, so if you need tips on which gear to buy or need someone else's opinion drop me a line! (contact info below!)

A couple quotes I keep in mind in the mountains;

  • Rule 5: Harden the F up. 
  • Bailing takes courage. Allow yourself to have courage. 
  • Tenacity. 

You can get in touch with me through the following ways:

instagram: @paddyohulk


Use #chasinglayers so I can see what you're up to! 

Until next time, see you on the trails!