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Southern Shakedown


Time is interesting to think about. No one can stop time, no one can push it forward or slow it down. No matter what you do or how crazy life may seem, the constant is time is always pushing forward. For me time seems to be going very fast. There are only a little over two months until I graduate and start the PCT. However, there are millions of little tasks to do in between now and then. With one more week until spring break and almost zero plans made thus far, time to get down to the nitty gritty in planning my spring break trip.

The Southern Shakedown

What: This will be another shakedown hike for the PCT. Hopefully, this one will have me more psyched than ever to head down to the boarder and leave me with more knowledge of how I'll perform with averaging 26 miles a day. This will also me my longest solo hike ever.

Where: For this shakedown I'm going to hike the PCT's older brother, the Appalachian Trail. Starting in Carver's Gap Tennessee, I'll make my way north to Atkins, Virginia for a total of 165 miles. I chose this route because it allows me to (hopefully) see an awesome sunrise on Roan Mountain, cross a state line (it's the little things in life), hike through the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area and hopefully avoid any snow.

When: I'll be getting dropped off in Carver's Gap Friday night(3/4) by my super rad roommate and will start hiking Saturday (3/5) for my push north. I plan on averaging about 26 miles per day (what I'll need to average on the PCT) and if everything goes well I'll finish the following Thursday night (3/10).

In the next week before I leave, I'll be posting more in depth about the gear I'll be bringing and any last minute details, stay tuned!