An ode to the every day adventurer


What is Chasing Layers?


I've had a few people ask me what does chasing layers mean, or what is chasing layers? These "layers" I'm referring to are mountain layers. But, layers come in many different forms. Maybe it's a beach where you've never watched the sun come up, a route you've been meaning to send, a river you haven't yet made the push to run or hiking a mountain you haven't yet explored. Chasing Layers doesn't mean you have to do some grand expedition.

 To me, Chasing Layers is an ode to the everyday man.

The person who gets after it when they can, and tries to experience that new "layer" every weekend, or when life gives them that little bit of space to break out from the norm. See, life is made up of these moments, these layers if you will; and why would you want to go through life not experiencing what this world has to offer?

Take a break from the everyday this week. Make time and run somewhere you haven't, climb that route you've been meaning to try, run the creek you said you would last month. Go chase some layers get some dirt under your fingernails and experience the world around you.