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Daddy's Creek

The weekend of January 20th and 21st I headed down to the Obed in Tennessee to do some fun creeking. I ended up meeting up with Mike, Fred, and Dameon on Saturday. It was my first time running Daddy's Creek, and quickly turned into one of my most favorite runs I've ever done. The Creek is continuous class 2/3 with a few class 4 rapids sprinkled throughout the canyon. Luckily I had a good brace this weekend and ended up having a dry hair day. 

One of the spectacular things about this Creek is the desolation, and beauty of the surrounding landscapes. There are big cliff faces that surround you as you head into the canyon and in some cases come really close to the canyon walls. This run, like every other run on the Cumberland plateau, is littered with huge undercuts and seives so be weary and stay away from big rocks! 

On Sunday we did a variation into Daddy's Creek, by way of Yellow Creek, Yellow Creek was exactly what I envisioned when I first heard of creeking. Continuous, tight, technical, fast would be a few words to describe Yellow Creek.  Overall a solid weekend on the river! Can't wait to get back down there! 

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