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Sunrise Hike in the Red River Gorge - Raven Rock

On January 29th Payton, Luna, and I made the hike up to the top of Raven Rock in the dark to watch the sunrise. Fortunately for us the sun did rise. Unfortunately for us, there were too many clouds to see the sunrise. It was a good hike regardless.

The trail starts out of the backyard of one of the locals. He asks for money to start there (PLEASE PAY! He's a nice guy.) The trail winds up and up until you reach the ridge. I think it only took us around 20-30 minutes to hike to the top. The trail isn't marked, but it is really easy to follow, even by headlamp.

Upon reaching the summit, there is a fence lining the cliff's edge, and watch out, it is a sheer cliff.

The sun came up. We hiked down and enjoyed taking pictures by the side of the river on the way out. A quick trip that has some amazing views. Definitely will be back when there aren't as many clouds.