An ode to the every day adventurer


Auxier Ridge Trail

One of my very good friends came down from Pennsylvania for a weekend, and of course I had to take him to the Red River Gorge. We ended up getting into the parking lot pretty late, around 9pm on  May 13th, and started hiking. It wasn't too long before we found a spot that we thought would be a good place to lay down. We went off trail and figured we were a good enough distance away from the trail to camp. The stars were absolutely incredible, and we caught the moon right as it was rising.

I actually slept incredibly well for being on rock and outside. It was one of those, "I'm tired and completely passed out but woke up feeling great" kind of sleeps.

We were in no hurry in the morning so we woke up slow and layed there probably until 9am. It was relaxing just to lay there and not worry about or think about having to do anything. This is the reason I come to the woods. To reset and not think about anything else. I can't think of a morning that perfect in a long long time.

We eventually packed up, dried out the gear a little bit and kept walking down Auxier Ridge. It was my first time on the ridge and provided exposure and a feeling I've only ever gotten from rock climbing. I loved it. It was almost like an alpine zone in Kentucky but with zero effort.

We set up a hammock and took in the view for a while before heading back. Overall a great trip to an amazing new area, I'll be back.

How to get there: Turn onto Tunnel Ridge Rd, off of Rt 15. Follow the dirt road (yes, your car will make it) until you reach the end. This is the trail head for Auxier Ridge. You can hike the well maintained loop for 4.1 miles. If you're camping make sure to follow the camping regulations and purchase an overnight permit for your vehicle!

Happy Trails,