An ode to the every day adventurer



**EDITED 1/3/18

Submit your stories and pictures by **JANUARY 12TH!  To submit, send an email to - If you have questions let me know! 


You, Yes, You! 

I'm looking for stories to compile into a "Year in Review" magazine full of stories that happened over the course of 2017. Tell me about your trip to Nevada. Tell me about the experience you had at that new park you went to. Tell me why your trip rattled you to the bones. Tell me about that time the wilderness made you sing with gladness because it made you so happy. Let me know how adventuring abroad changed your perspective going forward. Give me all the details about how you caught the most beautiful sunrise on that Tuesday in June. Explain to me what it was like to have your boots full of water when you were trying to cross the stream in January. At the end of your story tell me what you're looking forward to in the coming year and what adventures you're planning! 

Any and all stories are welcome long and short! They might be subject to some minor tweaking but we'll work with you to make sure your story is heard. 

Send me pictures to go along with your story. Show the fear in your partners eyes as the storm was rolling in 8 pitched up on the wall. Or pictures of how exhausted you were after eating that enormous burrito on the way out of the canyon. Basically, something to help visually aid the reader in imagining story. 

Submit your stories and pictures by **JANUARY 12TH!  To submit, send an email to

Look for the magazine to hit sometime in early to mid January, depending on submissions. There will be an electronic copy as well as a print version if you would like to purchase that, cost is TBD, but will be approximately $5-$10, including shipping. 

Let's sit around our campfires and enjoy each other's stories to get motivated for the year to come! 


The sun is setting on 2017.