An ode to the every day adventurer


Staying Thirsty: Tenaciously getting after it.


Staying Thirsty. 

I'm talking about that thirst to keep getting after it. 

To go hard in the mountains, the gym, the office, and push yourself to your limits. 

How do you really know your limits if you haven't found them? 

With my birthday coming around again, I've been reflecting the past few days about how my life is going and where I want it to be. I've looked at my previous goals and looking to how I might want to change them to adapt to what matters to me now. The more I think about things, the more thankful I feel like I become. I'm sitting here on my bed flipping through days filled with sunshine, with triumph and failure, day's of firsts, and mornings where I didn't want to get out of bed, but I did.

I can't help but smile. 

This past year has been filled with more adventure than I probably thought was possible while working a "day job." I really embraced the Weekend Warrior mentality and stayed thirsty. I feel a key to staying excited and passionate about my different pursuits this year was chasing learning in everything I did. Whether it was at work, on the rock, ice, water, I was trying to push myself, ask questions, and examine things in different ways. Sometimes it's easy and comfortable to become complacent. Which, in some areas, may not be bad depending on your goals. Here's some ways I try to stay thirsty and not become complacent. 

How to Stay Thirsty /(live a good life):

  1.  Learn a new skill - either a new skill all together or dive deeper into a passion you already have. 
  2. Ask questions - don't be afraid of being that person that doesn't know everything. Maybe you're just thinking in a way no one has thought before.. That's GOOD! 
  3. Read. - Go grab a book and immerse yourself. 
  4. Fail. Fail a lot. - If you're not failing, you're not pushing yourself as hard as you could be. Don't be afraid to fail. Keep at it, don't beat yourself up either, it's okay to fail. Have tenacity. 

This year, I hope to have more days in the mountains, more sunsets with friends, and more sunburned smiles. I'm looking forward to failing, falling, and just plain old being dirty. Can't wait to see what adventures turn up in the new year. Let's go play in the woods!


- Nolan 


Yep, my shorts are that short. 

Yep, my shorts are that short.